Lead Product Designer

YUZA is looking to hire an experienced senior product designer to join a talented and multi-disciplined team who have already created mobile experiences that have made headlines around the world. We want to expand this team to enable us to produce the next generation of mobile apps using the very latest technology and design philosophies. Thus, this is an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who share the dual goals of creating fantastic user experiences and rewarding commercial enterprises.

About this role

This is a new role that sits below that of the CPO.
As lead designer, you will have the responsibility of keeping design unity across the product as it passes from UX and visual designers, to copywriters and content creators, and finally through Engineering and QA.

Your role is likely to be very hands on in that you’ll be expected to be able to understand and perform all various design roles as projects require them. For example, some projects require much more UX design than visual; in that case you’d likely spend more time working with the UX designer(s) to spread the burden of work whilst still leading the product as a whole. Hence, there is a lot of variety in this role.

You will also be expected to be able to think strategically. Both in terms of managing time and resource, but also - importantly - in helping to develop business strategy when it comes to monetisation, re-engagement, advertising etc.


  • Conceptualising and designing highly intuitive mobile and web products from initial idea through to public release.
  • Leading products in wire-framing, prototyping, developing UX strategy etc.
  • Interacting and communicating effectively with engineers and developers to effectively relay the intentions and views of the product team.
  • Writing detailed specifications.
  • Dealing directly with external agencies and clients.
  • Setting out and creating detailed documentation for product strategy.
  • Communicating and presenting your and the team’s work appropriately to other departments and stakeholders.
  • Identifying issues early on with products or resource and alerting the CPO.
  • Looking at user feedback and analytic data and using it to inform future design decisions and direction.

About You

We’re looking for someone who understands and shares the company’s philosophy and work ethic. We’d like you to become part of our core team; be a team player, and also someone who can be relied on when under pressure.

In return, we expect this to be a very rewarding role - seeing products you’ve lead and designed being downloaded by millions and making news all over the world - as well as great opportunities for growth and personal development in the future.


  • A passion or deep interest for the type of products/businesses that are created at YUZA.
  • Past experience working on mobile applications.
  • Good graphic designs skills.
  • Good UX skills.
  • Experience in conceptualising both products as a whole and individual features and bringing them from idea to completion.
  • Experience of both working within a team and individually to achieve goals.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Strong organisation and time management skills.
  • Proficient use of Sketch and Adobe Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks etc. and how to convert files between them.
  • Experience of working to commercial goals.
  • Experience of dealing directly with external clients.
  • Good knowledge of what’s going on in the industry.
  • Familiarity with the differences between platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Nice to have:

  • Good knowledge app store guidelines and submission processes.
  • Experience in web design.
  • Experience of working with engineers.
  • Experience in basic coding; e.g. html, css, php etc.
  • Experience using Apple Macs, and programmes such as Pages.
  • Experience using Google Documents.
  • Experience in testing products, or the QA process.
  • Good skills in copywriting.


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