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Twitter Challenges Facebook's Dominance of App-install Ads

July 21, 2014   |   Liam Houghton

Earlier this month Twitter invited the Pollen team to their new London HQ for #AppsUntapped where they demonstrated the biggest changes to their advertising network since the acquisition of MoPub.

Unleashing the Design Wars: Google joins Apple and Microsoft with unified UX

June 26, 2014   |   Liam Houghton

If the 20th Century was the era of technical engineering, the 21st is destined to become the era of technical design. We’re at the start of an interesting new phase of how we use electronic devices.

12 Important Changes in iOS 8 (for App Businesses)

June 03, 2014   |   Liam Houghton

Yesterday Apple announced its latest version of iOS at its WWDC event in San Francisco. Here are my Top 12 features to note if you're developing apps for a living.