Twitter announces YUZA and Digipill as Business Success Story

Our CPO spoke to Twitter about YUZA's recent success in spreading the Digipill brand to millions of new users around the world.

In just one month Digipill gained an amazing 221,000 users and increased its month-on-month revenue by 291%.

Average CPI was just £0.16 thanks to a combination of clever targeting and enticing creatives from the YUZA Product Department.

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CPO, Liam Houghton said:

“Twitter enables us to get Digipill directly into the hands of those who need it most. The Mobile App Tracking SDK is tremendously useful in figuring out exactly how many of your downloads come from Twitter, and in our case that’s the vast majority.

The charging model is elegantly simple - that’s the best bit about it. As an advertiser I can easily extrapolate costs and revenues to work out my max bid and daily spend caps.

What puts Twitter ahead of the competition is the dynamism and immediacy of the platform. A clever ad can be spread quickly and organically by those you’ve targeted to reach a whole new audience. If you’ve got something genuinely interesting to share, there’s a very good chance a Twitter campaign will work for you.”